12 Common Mistakes Made When Importing

12 Most Common Mistakes Made When Importing and How To Avoid Them

12 Common Mistakes Made with Importing

Find out the 12 most common mistakes made when in importing and how to avoid them this book is frank to the point and maybe a little blunt … but on thing is for sure will save you thousands

Matt Buchel has been importing from China for over 15 years; if a mistake can happen, it has happened to him.

Matt currently runs multiple multi-million dollar businesses and puts others into their own Importing Business. He is straight forward and no BS.

Originally from the western suburbs of Sydney, now living on the Gold Coast, divorced twice with 3 kids, he lives the lifestyle many dream of but never achieve–however, he shows you to live your life with a laptop, phone and the internet.

“Anyone can have this freedom if they want to”, says Matt, “they just need to put in effort over time and have a solid system behind them.”

How to Avoid Importing Mistakes

Matt takes you through the 12 common mistakes made when importing and shows you how to avoid them in this frank and to-the-point book. If you ever wanted to know what really happens selling online and how to get a huge head-start in importing from China, then this book is a must-read.

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