Can I Start An Importing Business From Home?

How Do I Start an Importing Business from Home?

Hi there! Matt here. Now I'm standing here at the world famous Canton Fair. Now some people asked me, how do I start importing business from home?

Now running a business from home is not difficult at all, but there’s certain pieces of the puzzle you have to put in place so you understand exactly how to run the business from home properly. Now part of it is understanding how to get the right suppliers, you know? That’s not done on Alibaba, that’s not done by randomly searching, that’s understanding where to go.

Now this is probably the most expensive place in China to go to, the Canton Fair, okay? There’s lots of levels below this and this you sort of got to work your way through, right? To get to the actual right level, which I sort of figured out over the years. So if you want to start your business from home, the first thing you have to do is actually leave your home and then know what what to do.

If you’re interested and to know more take a little bit of shortcut to that check out

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