Do You Need An Import License To Import From China?

Matt Buchel answers whether you need an import licence to import from China

Hi there, Matt here again. Coming to you live or not really live but on video anyway from the actual Canton Fair. Now, one common question I get asked is, do I need an actual import license flow?

The answer in a word is, no. But what you do need to know where it gets a lot more complicated, it’s not black and white you can’t just go can I have an import license for this, right?

Different products have different needs and different permits might be required, right? Or different things might be required so you can actually sell them now. Here at the Canton Fair, I’m actually here with clients, is part of what we do. Come across a live person, come across and help people in ironing buttons down.

A guy was talking to me about a gas appliance, there’s certain things you have to do with gas so you can actually sell it in Australia. So it’s not actually, technically a license its understanding all the pieces of the puzzle and what you can and can’t bring in the song. Now, we do help you with this as part of the Importing Cash Flow Program.

Now, you want to know more about that check out You can register, get a book, get a free info pack and sort of learn how it all works with posting info pack, for you. Hopefully that answers your question.

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