How Do I Start An Import Export Business?

How Do I Start An Import Export Business?

Matt Buchel talking about what you need to start an import - export business

Hi there! Matt here, now quite often the question that gets asked how do I start an import-export business? Now first and foremost, import and export is two different things. So, let’s explain that to start with. Now, let’s say for example you’re in Australia, okay? You’d bring something in from another country in Australia, can be for anywhere over the world. At the moment I’m actually standing in the Canton Fair. So there’s obviously whole wave of opportunity here.

Now, if you’re exporting, you’re obviously exporting so you’re taking something from Australia and you’re sending it elsewhere. The easiest way to get going is bringing something in, okay? The reason why, coz you’re where the stuff, you’re where the product is that you want to come in. So then the next question that gets asked, is how do I actually get started in it.

Well, there’s sort of three
things you need. One a product, right? Two a market and three mathematics that’s going to add up to your actual income goal that’s what you actually need, right?

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