How Much Does It Cost To Start An Import Export Business?

Matt Buchel answers how much it costs to start an import export business

Hi there, it's Matt here. Now, a common question I get asked is how much does it actually cost to start an importing business.

Now, it can be done with very little money, okay? Once you understand how, but I was going to make sure I don’t fall off the escalator. The better question is, how can I not spend unnecessary money starting an importing business?

Now, the way you do that is by actually knowing what you’re doing and essentially investing in a shortcut. Now, by what I mean is investing in a shortcut, is actually, it’s pretty dangerous going backwards in the escalator. By investing in a shortcut and invest in someone that’s known before on exactly how to do it, ok?

Because if you don’t then what ends up happening you make huge mistakes, probably the biggest mistake that the biggest mistake that people make is actually, no ok cool I’m going to importing something, thinking that’s a good idea and then when they start importing something they figure out they can’t actually sell it, they end up with a garage or a warehouse full of stuff they can’t sell. So that’s probably one of the biggest mistakes.

So if you’re asking how much does it cost to start an importing business, the cost is really in making mistakes. It’s not the cost of getting up and going because you can get up and get going very little to no money.

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