What Can I Import To Australia?

Can i import to Australia?

Hi there! Matt here and one question I often get asked is, what can I import to Australia?

You know here’s the question, what should you actually import is a better question rather than what can I import? I gotta watch out it I don’t fall on this bloody escalator,right? You know I’m standing inside the Canton Fair and there’s endless opportunity, endless.

Here’s thing, there’s more things you need to know in advance. We’ll walk out to one to areas got a bit of machinery and stuff, will actually sell. Two is it actually legal and three do you have an instant understanding about it. There’s many a person, has gotten tried to get in the importing have gone bust because they didn’t understand the right things and really fourth thing is will it actually comply?

So technically you can import anything, right? But will they let it into the country? That’s the other story, that’s what you need to know in advance. It’s all part of a careful process we take our customers through to make sure that they know what they’re doing in advance. It’s a complete end to end process.

Now, if you want to make no more about that I highly recommend you get, go to ImportingCashFlow.com.au , register, get an information package that takes you through. It explains a lot more plus we have a caller who’s the phone and go from there and that will help you understand what you can and can’t import into Australia. Hope that helps talk to you soon.

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