What Do I Need To Do To Have A Successful Importing Business?

Matt Buchel shares what you need to do to have a successful importing business

Hi there! Matt here and quite often people ask me what do i need to do to have a successful importing business?

Well, first it’s understanding how it all works. Now, I’m standing here at the world-famous Canton Fair. Now, I’ve been coming here for nearly 15 years, a little bit over 15 years actually, and I’ve been back forth back and forth back forth. My badge that I had a second ago, I actually look like I’m bloody it’s 25 in it.

Anyway, people don’t care that you’re filming anyway so we’ll won’t worry about that.

Anyway, so here’s the thing, to have a successful importing business you really need to understand a lot of different things.

So, it’s not just what will I import or how can I get something in the cheapest price. One of the biggest mistakes people make is they try and buy the cheapest possible thing and they’re trying to sit on their backside at home through Alibaba, than understand or they come here.

I’ve got many, many clients have come here two three times, got literal zero result because they don’t know how to deal with it right and then they go or they’ve gotten something in the quality’s wrong and so on surface of 101 different horror stories. But the way to do it is actually get help and get support and get someone to take you through and show you a shortcut.

So if you want to do that go check out YourImportingFlowCash.com.au and the free information package, video and stuff you can watch, I talk about how I can actually help you get to where you want to go and your own importing business.

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