What Products Are Trending In 2019 And 2020?

Matt Buchel shares products that are trending

Hi there! Matt here again. A common question I get asked is, how do I know what's trending in 2019 or 2020, or what will trend in the future?

So let me show you a couple things. So first I’m here at the world-famous Canton Fair. Now, this is only one of the locations, it’s probably one of the more expensive locations but you can get some good ideas with trending. Now, we’ll walk through here and you’ll see guys here they’ve got a different set of drill, okay? These guys here some sort of mixer or something, right? We’ve got to be careful if people get angry because they come up with a design I think it’s an end of the thing.

Anyway, furniture, different design furniture. Generally, at the Canton Fair and I’ve been coming here for over 15 years and my daughter that’s just turned 15, she was literally wasn’t even born, okay? She’s literally on the camera behind us, right?

Anyway, people always ask that question and going through the center here you can see new trends with designers and stuff getting in there. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bright, there’s other tools there’s other things you need to know to make sure a trend is right.

So for example, right this looks like they’ve got like a soft-serve machine, we literally got ice cream and ice creams in a chunk and they literally put the ice cream in the machine and the saucer comes out. So that’s a new trend I have not seen that before. Okay, what are these guys here, what do they got? Looks like some sort of rice cooker, so it’s a new design, new colors, nothing amazing there, okay and different products this is only one tiny tiny example of what’s actually here, okay?

But it’s a way of telling what’s trending like a scooter, not seen that scooter before, okay? Different types of scooters and different plastic items. So those things in we could become trends, right? But here’s the thing, it might sound cool and you might think it’s smart to be on a trend, you do want to be on a rising trend but you don’t be on something brand new.

Now, I explained a lot more about this when you request my information packets if you go to YourImportingCashFlow.com.au , check that out and you’ll understand exactly why, why it’s not smart to be on some brand new trend because the last thing I want to do educate people. Anyway, hope that helps here. Check out YourImportingCashFlow.com.au

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