01 Thinking You Can Import From China Without Any Quality Processes

Matt Buchel talking about importing products from China without any quality processes

Thinking you can import from China without an equality process right? It all comes down to the whatever item it is, okay?

So it depends on the factory, it depends on the item ,right? If it’s, if you’re bring in for example screws, you might check them only once and it should be okay before you get to their factory because it won’t be feasible, but if you’re bringing in tractors for example, and you’re bringing in three at a time.

As let’s say for example, 13 about $40,000 it’s worth paying and having checked every time. In case there’s problems with them, okay? Some generators I was recently setting up to bring in, I’ve got those checked, is to check the factory, probably won’t do it every time because mathematically it would be alright. Just ordering 20 or 30 of them right? Just depends, okay?

So example $30,000 product in a home improvement niche, when it arrived it didn’t comply with Australian plumbing or electrical standards, with someone asked that question before, okay? This is actually a container house which I explained to the lady exactly what to do, okay? But she didn’t want to have anyone checking it, didn’t want to do anything around that. So it’s all fixable and there’s enough margins but she went from making money to making not much money, right?

But unfortunately be good, bad or otherwise she learnt a lesson, and once she learnt that lesson it was okay because she fixed it the next time around. You hear me?

If you think about the prevention is always better than the cure but sometimes you don’t know what the prevention is until it actually happened. You try and avoid it at all levels but sometimes you just got to take a step and go okay cool I’m gonna do it and start moving forward. Once you start moving forward, there’ll be a few bumps on the way but that’s just running your business. You guys are with me on that, right? Yeah, okay?

Give the manufacturer clear specifications and especially the bigger, the more expensive the item the more you want to get it checked. You know what I mean? If you’ve got someone in the ground, on the ground, they’ll be going there and you can set them up to check it regularly, even if it costs you a little bit because you just build it into your overall price, alright?

So if you ordered three things and cost 200 bucks a time to check something and checked it three times especially before last payment, they can send you a proper report and say: Hey this is wrong. This is wrong, your choice, you get them to fix it or sort it, or fix it on your own. You hear me? It doesn’t matter what factory anything comes from, at the end of the day, there always to be slightly niggly, problems.

It’s just a communication barrier. The clearer they’ll get it and the clearer everything will be. So you got photos, stuff like that makes life a lot simpler.

So if I ever need something fix, it’s just like, this is what’s bad and this is what it should like would look like when it is good, and then they can fix it because they go black and white. You hear me?

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