02 Dealing With Only One Person In The Supply Chain

Matt Buchel talking about the traps of dealing with only one person in the supply chain.

Dealing with only one person in the supply chain, causing delays and increased costs, right?

So basically what happens if you’re getting to some with something from a factory, a factory will quite happily go: Ok cool, now Reese we’ll organize the shipping all the way to your door. So you automatically put the control of the entire process within that actual factory. Do you know what I mean? I’ll get, I’ll get to this story in a minute.

So if you put there, if you put in entire control of one product, let’s say you bought a tractor and then they gave you a price all the way to your door, then they’re controlling literally everything the whole way, okay? But if you split that up and you dealt with an agent that just looked at what happened in the factory and then dealt with shipping agent, now adding three people to the puzzle, right?

So someone once again, we sort of explained to what they do but sometimes people don’t necessarily listen that’s what old Marie that said the other day, sometimes when you’re investing in voice, it’s worthwhile listening, ok?

So they’re actually importing outdoor furniture and essentially they just go, oh it’s easier, it’ll save me half an hour, or an hour or two hours and I’ll just deal with one person,
but it just cost them a little bit of extra money like maybe a thousand bucks, right? But they’ve also cost them time, because essentially the factory can say: Ah, sorry there’s a delay ,oh sorry that boat hasn’t happened, they don’t know because there’s only one person controlling the whole thing. You hear me? Does that make sense? So if you split it, it’s a lot safer. It’s like mitigating risk, and you can even get a checker to check the checker.

So if you’re not sure about the checker you can get another checker to check what the checker said and if they both match up, that’s why remember before, I said that ten actually got to go to multiple things, yeah? That’s really what you do.
Yes, I overpaid.

So split the process with supplier inspector and shipper, okay? Safest way of doing

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