03 Overpaying Agents At Each Step Of The Process

Matt Buchel talking about importing traps where you overpay agents at each stage

So overpaying agent each step of the process, this is a common one, okay?

Sometimes agents, whether they’re people on the ground or actual shipping agents, they’ll give you all line by line items, okay? But they literally invent things, so there are fees that don’t even exist. You hear me? So it might be 80 bucks here, 20 bucks there. Over time it adds up, so one person might be saying it’s a thousand bucks and another person saying fourteen hundred, but if you don’t understand what you’re looking at, you don’t understand why the other person is fourteen hundred.

Well there’s a thing called tailgate inspection and I’ve seen on shipping agent charge 300 bucks for it, and have one charge 50 bucks for it. They’re both charging for the same thing, it’s a genuine charge, but one person is taking the, they’re taking the mickey. You see what I’m saying?

And they also swap the exchange rate on you. So they’ll quote in in American dollars shipping and they’ll complimentary treat you, we’ve had the service where
we convert it to Australian and turned in Australian and they’ve used a better exchange rate so they’re making more profit as they do it, you hear me? Which I understand they’re running a business, but if you switched on a bit and I say, I don’t want to pay in American dollars, then they can’t really say no, can they? Because they say no it automatically trying to do the wrong thing by you, they’re trying to do their own wrong thing by you, you might want to consider using someone else, okay?

Now the fees that you should be paying and be able to identify fake or created items on the actual invoice.

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