04 Achieving Nothing At Canton Fair

Matt Buchel talking about importing traps at Canton Fair

Actual manufacturer or middleman with high markups?

Achieving nothing at the Canton Fair, we sort of alluded to this a little bit. Trading companies at Canton Fair are actually good at looking like a factory or in fact they’re just middlemen with high markups. Now the chances of you getting an actual scammer at the Canton Fair is quite low, right?

The reason why it’s quite low because it’s expensive to someone to go the actual Canton Fair and put an exhibition, but there’s very high chance you get a trading company that blown-out margins, and stuff like that don’t don’t really have that good a relationship with actual factory they’re pretending to promote, and they might have better relationships does things than what we might be trying to get into something, but you can’t really read between the lines and then the whole thing just falls into a hit and you get nowhere.

Where you actually standing there in front of him, because it all becomes really easy and simple when you actually stand there in front of them, but then after you go away it sort of disappears. You hear me? It’s one of the reasons why you’re here, customers actually help
them, okay?

So know how to tell the difference between a trading company, and the factory, and it’s all about the questions you ask, which I alluded to you before. How many people they have? All that sort of stuff, right? Where they’re located? And sort of looking them up and see if they’re legit.

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