05 Choosing The Wrong Product To Sell To The Wrong Customer

Matt Buchel talking about the traps of selling the wrong product to the wrong customer

Okay choosing the wrong product to sell to the wrong customer, okay?

Importer of bamboo bars want to sell the hotel’s not realizing that hotels are not the market and don’t have an allocated budget for the actual product.

I’ve told you this story a couple of times, okay? I told you the story about the person who’s really trying to put herself in the wrong product. So she wanted to sell the garden lights, which she had a massive opportunity sitting in front of her, of something she just understood, but for whatever reason you just put that brick wall up between herself and sort of self-sabotage yourself. You hear me?

Do your product research and make sure your customer’s market what you’re buying, you guys all clear on that? Who feels they can understand a market now to a certain extent? Might have a few holes in it and need some help, but they can sort of get the gist.

There is still a lot more depth in it right? But at least I’ve given you the overview so you understand it, yeah?

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