07 Not Understanding Australian Import Specifications

Matt Buchel speaks about not understanding Australian import specifications

Track seven: Not understanding Australian specifications, so importer tried to bring in gas barbecue products that the supplier insisted complied.  Products didn’t comply and the importer was actually left with unsellable stock right.

So in Australia there’s a thing called AGA alright. Anyone do anything with gas yeah there’s AGA right and so you’ve got to actually have something certified both AGA. Most Chinese stuff man you wouldn’t know how it doesn’t blow up honestly all right. So it’s one of those niches that you don’t go into for various reasons okay.

And so you have to actually, with the AGA you actually have to have an actual number any way of getting that number is AGA really seriously testing it okay and it cost about 12 grand and once you got that number you sort of got that exclusive right to bring that in.

So in some senses it’s good but not necessarily with Chinese stuff, some supplies yes it’s a whole other long conversation right but the importer said yeah yeah it’s fine it will comply but they didn’t have the proper information and didn’t understand properly and like nothing, like it wasn’t much.

There’s only a small mistake, there’s still a mistake so do your research. Don’t rely on the suppliers word about whether or not the products comply like our griller yes barbecues for example, a lot of them are made in China but they go through the proper process and get the proper AGA certification so it’s safe because Australia doesn’t want stuff blowing up. It doesn’t want the gas work and then China doesn’t really worry that much because there’s another billion people doesn’t matter we blow one up, Australian people are annoyed…

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