08 Suppliers Refusing To Sell To You Because They Already Have An Australian Agent

Matt Buchel talking about the traps where suppliers refuse to sell because they already have an Australian agent

Suppliers refusing to sell to you because they already have an Australian agent.

Okay I actually went to, you can you can break this stuff down, I went to the when I was looking at quads, is probably about a month and half ago. I went to, who’s heard of CF Moto? Yeah? You would have hopefully some motorbikes, right?

I went to their actual factory. Now, I knew that the chance of them selling to me were low, alright? But I started to get him open to the idea because I already had a person in Australia, but I had to sort of step it sideways I won’t go down that road because they won’t re-brand and stuff like that. They just not gonna see if made of it’s nothing and then personally that’s a truck factory I don’t want to deal with, okay?

This is, water pumps, I’ve tried to import water pumps that I sold for a hundred twenty bucks, in most cases the person had a water feature, they wanted a water pump so to sweeten the deal you just gave them the water pump because they needed the water pump with the water feature, because they couldn’t understand it was 120 bucks, right? They just didn’t get that, all right?

And then as I said before they wouldn’t sell it to me so essentially what happened is I took it into China, and then sent it from China. So they didn’t really know, I just said I’m just gonna buy them for local market. I just had to buy an adapter but to get out of the warranty issue, I basically said, here’s the water pump, right? It’s a complimentary gift, if it blows up go to Bunnings. It’s fair enough because it’s free, so there’s no warranty on it, you with me?

Sometimes you can do little things like that, so now you’re caught up. Okay, as I said I bought adapters so they would suit Australian market.

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