09 Failure To Take Action And Get Your Import Business Started

Matt Buchel talking about the traps of failing to take action and get your import business started

Failure to take action although the opportunity is clearly laid out in front of them, okay?

Who’s done that before? Who’s seen something clearly laid out and thought it was complete no-brainer? Come on, put your hand up, be honest? What everyone’s a complete action taker and do everything, all right?

See completely laid out in front of and not do it, okay? Look, I’ve got stuff sometimes, you once, once you just get it and see it’s just a process over again, you get to the point we have to stop yourself from doing it, okay? How customers has literally gone through and provided everything and this is why this is very, very honest upfront, okay? Results from ranging from 0 to 1 million dollars a year in profit, okay?

Literally done everything, product, niche, markets, sales system, but they just didn’t implement, like the whole things done. I’d done showing exactly where the advertisers and mathematics added up and so on so forth, right? And they just advertise, spend $100 and then freak out or whatever some people for whatever reason changed, but like literally you’ve got a car there.

Treat it like a race car, let’s just call it a car, coz some people freak out of race car, right? You got a car there so there’s two more things it needs, right? It needs a driver, so I’ve build the car you gotta jump inside the car and drive it. What else you need? Fuel, right? What’s the fuel, the advertising. So literary they’ve got the car, they sit in their and shit scared of it and never put any fuel in it. That’s where literally everything laid out in front of you and then never, ever use it, okay?

Identify what’s stopping you. Follow a proven system and trust the process. Honestly, that’s the best way to push through. Mary that I showed through and Andrew, they all trust the process. That’s the one big thing I look for these days with, with customers is they actually trust the process because the process works. You just got to do it over and over again.

Nothing’s random, you hear me? Probably the only thing that happened that’s random, is random things I say while I’m talking to you guys. Like bolt-ons and stuff, you know? But that was never part of the process.

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