11 Listening To Others Who Have Not Run A Successful Importing Business Themselves

Matt Buchel talks about this trap on listening to others who have not run their own successful importing business

Trap 11: Listening to other others around you who have no idea how to run a successful importing business. Who’s falling into that trap? Or how to run a successful import, a lot more of you put your hand up yes, all right who’s got the arm feels like it’s frozen can’t lift it!

Exactly man, exactly I hear you exactly, because they don’t know you can’t hold that against them right because they might be, for what they know so they don’t know what they don’t know. So before they know they’re just trying to protect you for whatever reason alright. And or trying to protect themselves purely on the fact that internally they know not they’re not going to do anything or they know they know they’re not actually going to get anywhere in particular so I don’t want to see you just shoot past them okay.

I think I told you the story so client mom’s held back for a year by listening to his partner. She’s actually a social worker not a business owner. Two years later he actually now has a multi-million dollar business and literally ten trucks on the road. Okay that’s in the property maintenance business same thing only different sub chains same system same everything right although changes what he delivers which is property maintenance rather than a physical thing right.

Honestly that easy thing to deliver are the physical things once it gets high price as well especially when it’s repetitive because it just keeps going and keeps going. And if less people, because people see, when they’re in a service it makes it variable you don’t know what the people might do since then.

Okay listen to people have done what you want to do and in least turning over a million dollars in their business okay. So these are weaved within everything so it’s sort of a little bit of a lighter thing before we go upstairs.

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