How To Shortcut Your Importing Success

Matt Buchel On How To Shortcut Your Importing Success

Hey there everyone, Matt here. I want to show you so this is one of my cars right now...

I don’t know how much you know about cars or even how much you care about cars but stick with me okay.  So this is an actual Jeep Track Hawk okay. You see it’s got the Hemi 6.2 liter engine in it okay and it’s also supercharged right. It’s actually the fastest, they’re only released about a year ago they were worth about $160,000 you go look them up right so a Jeep Track Hawk okay it’s a 707 horsepower and is actually the fastest SUV in the entire world okay. Faster than Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris blows the doors off all of them mate. Faster than, far faster than and you’re probably thinking that Matt’s a bit of a rev head  and that would be right all right.

So anything I’ve done to it, anything I’ve done to it he’s loaded okay. I really haven’t done anything else, it’s got big Brembo brakes and stuff like that. So what’s the purpose of this story okay, you find that most people that want to actually get somewhere fast they invest in short cuts so they find a way to get somewhere quickly okay by finding somewhere that someone that’s already done it in front of them okay.

So for example okay technically right, technically I could have built that car okay. I could have built that car for one or two it would have taken a very very long time okay it would have been much much more expensive okay it probably wouldn’t mean anywhere near as good. Was it, would it be possible yes, would I have done it no. I probably would have not even got as far as actually building that car okay. Unless you got to build it, got an old Jeep and put it all together and eventually it would have been okay but not that good right.

So what’s the purpose in the story okay when you actually go for example and buy a car you’re borrowing a shortcut you get what you want straightaway okay. When you say build a house okay you go and find an architect to design the house and and draw it all so you can just go and build it okay. When you actually engineer a house you get an engineer to do it, when you go to court you get a lawyer okay. When you, when you do your accounting you get an accountant okay and when you start importing you should actually get someone that knows what they’re doing before you actually get into it okay.

So essentially investing a shortcut. Now here’s the thing this, on September the 12th I want to give you the opportunity to invest in a shortcut at zero cost to you, zero cost to you okay. Why? I’m actually running a brand new, brand new format, brand new everything Importing Discovery Day okay it’s actually on the Gold Coast on September at my training center.

Now you have to invest your time, I’ll invest my time, I’ll feed you, take you through the entire event and show you exactly what’s happening and how it’s all happening and so on so forth now. If you want to be part of that you need to go to au and register okay. Invest in a shortcut, you’re investing your time.

Now some people will come on as clients yes but I’m taking you and showing a whole heap of stuff that took me 20 years to learn to be able to go buy one of a hundred and sixty thousand dollars car now I don’t normally talk about in cars, it’s a bit of a tosser if you’re walking around talking about cars and stuff like that. Well I thought it was a fitting story okay the horsepower also gets you somewhere fast as well.

Anyway looking forward to seeing you there. Make sure you register, it’s on September the 12th at our training center which is on the Gold Coast in Southport go to

RSVP now we’ve only got a limited number of seats so make sure you RSVP now set the date and come out looking forward to seeing you there. I’ll show you how to plan, source and sell products, big big day, invest your time, invest in a shortcut. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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