Importing Sourcing Secrets Workshop With Matt Buchel

Matt Buchel on Importing Sourcing Secrets Workshop

Hey everyone! Matt here, coming to you live Venice Beach in California.

I’m going to Laguna Beach tomorrow. Now, well suppose this video, well for you Californians that are coming to my event, upcoming at this Saturday, at the Marriott at Laguna Cliffs Resort, looking forward to seeing you there.

For you guys in Australia, if you haven’t already registered make sure you register for my Sourcing Secrets event which is coming up on the 9th, 10th and 11th of August.

I’ll take a little walk around here, while we’re here just quickly, to give you a little bit of show if you’re in Australia not been here, okay? I’ve been here a couple of times over the years, bit of a crazy place, see the seats of restaurants and stuff around here.

And um if you’re wondering what I’m doing across here I’m going through a couple of events, plus not only that, go into a couple events plus also doing some sourcing some stuff out of the USA, because it’s not just China you can make money out of. It it’s also you can take stuff out of the USA and also bring stuff from China into the USA if you want to. Anyway, it’s pretty crazy place, you see, you can bet a lot of this stuff here comes from China, as well.

Anyway, once again, you guys in America that have registered for my upcoming Importing Training Day, which is happening this coming Saturday in Laguna Beach looking forward to seeing you there.

For you guys in Australia, that are interested in coming into my three day free workshop, it’s very rare do a free free workshop for three days, which is on the Gold Coast in Australia, make sure you register at

I’m gonna go check this show out and see what’s going on around here. Well I saw there’s still a few Chinese bikinis over there and talk to you soon.

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