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Thinking of Starting Your Own Importing Cashflow Business?

If you have always wanted to break free of the 9-5 grind and think that having your own Importing business could be something for you, our Importing Cashflow Complete Turn Key Importing Business in a Box might be for you!

Running your own business let alone an importing business is not for everyone. I see so many people with great ideas and huge motivation fail due to rookie mistakes.

Which is why we’ve put together our Free Importing Cashflow Information package so that you can see how an importing business works and you will be able to make a fully informed and educated decision as to whether an importing business is for you

Matt Buchel
  • You are not sure what to import: – we take you through a very defined step by step system to make sure your product is a winner before you start.
  • You are scared of getting ripped off – we show you exactly how to prevent this happening, in fact we even introduce to the right people to do each part of process for you this removes almost all the risk.
  • You don’t know how to sell the product: – this is a easy one to solve we show you how plus build a system for you to do it one key is a high price point (this is also another secret of success, selling at a high price point not cheap stuff on Ebay and amazon) Within the system I show you how to use these two platforms for maximum profit with out having to deal with the low end price point.
  • You don’t know how to get good quality products from China: – we show you in detail how to fix this and we are with you every step of the way.
  • You don’t know how to get customers: – as part of our system we show you exactly how to get customers via advertising in-fact we create the ads for you and show you over 30 different ways to advertise so you have customers coming and inquiring with you, yes that’s right contacting you. No need to cold call or chase
  • You think the market is flooded: – this is small minded thinking (another secret of success is thinking big) there is a billion people in china, 350 million in the USA, 150 million in the UK and many many more people in the rest of the world compared to only 26 million in Australia in other words there is huge opportunity (provided you follow a system)
  • You think you need to outlay huge money for stock: – there are two rules that apply to the Importing Cashflow system, rules I learnt the hard way… 
    — Rule # 1 – everything must be able to be done with a laptop phone and the internet – this means you can work from home or any where you like …
    — Rule #2 – you never buy any thing before you sell it.
    1. You think you need to quit your job automatically putting your finances and family at risk – nothing could be further from the truth we are careful to take you through the process so you are up running and going with enquires coming in before you quit your job (another secret of success is cashflow)
    2. You just over complicate things and try and get everything perfect before you ever start – one of the things we work on with you is process, one thing leads to the next which leads to the next and so on so everything is logical and built on a solid foundation rather than guess work.
  • Everything can change for you now…(another secret of success is seeing a opportunity and doing something about it rather than sitting on the side lines and expecting your situation to change with out you changing)

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