How To Import From China To Australia

Matt Buchel shares more on how to import from China to Australia

Okay, hi everybody Matt here, I’m here with my daughter Claudia. Claudia make sure you get in the camera, right, and part of what I show you in the Discovery Day is all about selling hard to get products right,so high priced products to make quite a margin okay and make your life really really easy so you don’t get stuck in whole race to the bottom thing.

But my daughter, then she’s almost 15, i’ve brought her over to China with me this time actually in a sourcing area and this is also how I show you my clients how to do what’s called Cash on Demand. Right so essentially take two grand, two or ten grand, now give or take this, and obviously I’ve got zero interest in makeup, right but this makeup kit with the brushes and so on and so forth, it’s essentially about dollar fifty if you can believe that, about a dollar fifty Australian right, now in saying that they will sell between thirty and fifty dollars okay.

Now this is really easy for my daughter to actually make some money out of it okay and go through and what and then so that’s just the brushes when I have the cases and all that sort of stuff together and something about ten bucks I should be really clear on that. Okay so the brushes are cheap and then the case is more expensive. Anyway what I’m trying to make is right this is part of a sort of bit of a bonus thing that I include as part of my importing business cost.

Now if you have registered or wanna register for importing discovery day, they’re coming up very very soon. Make sure you register and attend and so on May the 3rd in Perth, then May the 9th on the Gold Coast at the training center, then it’s May the 23rd in Sydney and then also June the first in Melbourne.

Now I’m all about selling high priced products controlling the whole thing on some circle but some of this is essentially cash on demand so you make good, you make good money as a sort of ongoing side thing. It’s difficult to be an ongoing business but in getting your investment back in business prosper about. Reckon it’s cool Clauds? You just bought some other stuff before which are actually taking it back and we’re gonna negotiate something here then I’m off to catch a plane.

So anyway,if you have not RSVP’d already make sure you RSVP. You can seriously change your life, like my daughter’s 15, If i knew, if I had known what I know now when I was that young, I’ll never get a job, she’s probably never gonna have a job because she’s following what I’m doing yeah? She’s following what I’m doing I’m showing her so she can get her own business rather work in the just over broke or in some business that really sucks and don’t like.

Anyway hopefully I see you at discovery day, It’s totally free, totally complimentary afterwards if you want help on getting going on importing, I’ll show you exactly how. Talk to you soon!

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