How To Import Quality Products From China

Watch more tips from Matt Buchel on importing quality products from China

Hey there everybody, Matt here again just making a quick short video. Today I’m in Manly sort of been in the city today and tomorrow we’re heading out to Parramatta sort of getting ready for the Discovery Day. If you come, I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Remember there’s nothing sold on the day.

Anyway what’s about this video, I want to tell you another quick tip in regards to importing right. People always worry about the quality of products coming out of China. Now the actual cure is in the prevention right so it’s a matter of just choosing the right factory, making sure you check in quality in advance right. Check the quality in advance right, then likely you’re gonna have a problem.

It’s like this if you’re going to a two dollar shop and you buy yourself a towel for example and you get the towel, it’s thin and crappy okay, this guy’s going in a two dollar shop mate you may not pay two dollars but you may have paid five dollars for example right but if you went somewhere that sold more high-end, something like David Jones then you’d have a more expensive towel better quality okay.

Now the pricing thing doesn’t, isn’t the same obviously buying a lot cheaper in China but there might be a slight price difference to some stuff sometimes and the quality is significantly better there’s a whole heap of truth about known locations.

Anyway I hope that little tip helps you. If you come into Parramatta I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Maybe I’ll see you in another discovery day soon!

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