Importing Cashflow Business System

Matt Buchel showing you why you need to own your own system if you ever want to be truly successful in an importing business.

Hey, everyone! Matt here. I wanted to go ahead and do a video for you live, showing very, very basic concept. See, a lot of people out there they think they have to sell online and stuff like that but really online is only part of it. 

You want to make sure you own your own actual platform, okay?

So, to give you an idea of what a platform is. A platform is really anything, anywhere where someone can go and be a customer of yours, okay?

So if you own your own platform essentially you’re in a much better position than being on someone else’s platform. So, a lot of people think that for example you have to go on Amazon but Amazon is just one platform it’s only a form of advertising, that’s not technically even really a business and that’s the same with eBay or trying to sell stuff through Google and so on so forth.

So, I want to show you what we actually build for customers so they get it right. So, I’m just going to literally draw it up for you here, so essentially anyone could have literally a website okay? So that’s sort of part of what we build, but on the side of it okay?

This is how we get things, so it’s it’s heavily automated essentially 85 percent or more makes a lot of follow up. Stuff like that. We’ve got the automation Okay? Forget my spelling about automation. There’s a whole heap of stuff that happens inside there and sometimes people think to us, do you need software or do you need to understand that build? Something new? No, you don’t because we build all that for you. We build all this for you, right? More importantly, okay? We do the actual ads, okay? So the actual adverts okay?

So there’s in between this and this is essentially 70 different marketing materials that we create that actually adds to go on other people’s platforms, right? So, when you’re actually on someone else’s platform and I’ll give you an example, okay?

You got Google, you might have a Facebook, you might have Amazon right? Which is only a form of getting inquiries not a way to sell, right? You might have eBay, you might have classifieds, you might have Gumtree and then Gumtree, you might have offline stuff. There’s a whole heap of stuff, okay?

But what actually happens, these adverts are placed on all these actual platforms, okay? So, once it actually all placed on these platforms, this actually brings you inquiries because people go Matt, how do I get customers? And I say it’s ridiculously easy once you understand once you have a system.

Any successful business that’s going to be very successful has an actual system, right? So now, we go ahead and check this out. So the adverts that we create for you okay? You go and place them on all these platforms. And we show you exactly how to do that. Where there’s actually a whole hand over part when we hand the system over to people. And then you go okay cool?

So these all bring people back to your actual website right? So now, there actual people that are at your website within your marketing system that are actually getting followed up by the automation, okay? So essentially it’s going around, around, and rep, and that automation keeps sending it back there. It’s almost like that each one of these is a little party right? Just picture an actual party okay and it’s got a fence around and the people in there.

So some Google, the people are hanging out there. It’s on Facebook people hanging out there. Amazon people hanging out there, it’s eBay the people are hanging out there. If it’s classified people are hanging out there and so on so forth. But once they come across here and once within the automation is what we create for you okay? And this is all done for you remember?

Once it’s in there in here and they’re all credit, there now in your own page, okay? Alright? So then in your own page, there’s people everywhere, cruising around in your own page. There’s lots and lots of because the more you advertise up here the more people that come in here the more people that end up down here, right? Then this is the magic of it at all, the automation actually brings them up to the top when they come out to the side.

This will, this is where the way of describing, obviously. They come out to the side and they’re ready to buy they actually start buying and this is that exact system, looks complex when it got lines going everywhere on a white board but this is the exact same system that I’ve been using for years and years and I hope other customers get into. So all you have to do, as a person once you get into business, rather than buy a franchise, rather than buy some cheap thing for two grand, think that’s going to get you somewhere right? Rather than buy an existing business but like massively expensive, what you want to do is take consider, just consider, okay? My system and the way we hook with you.

And you probably go, Matt what about the product with product coming to this, right? So the product can be anything, alright? So I just work on stuff imported okay? And essentially imported because it’s the one big thing you might want to do okay? Is buy low, right? Sell high, right? Once you get that concept you buy as long as you can and you sell as high as you can, within reason and then you run it through all these your advertising everywhere.

The people come through that within your system, that automation is taken care of, they sort of in the page getting fed of what you’re saying,okay? They come out and spend and this come, it’s happening in a a big circle and circle, circle. And this system actually replace the whole people people working for me. In my last big business that I sold quite a few years ago this system actually replaced it.

So, how do you get to know more about these starting to do more? Well, one thing you can do, you can come in one of my Discovery Days. Okay? Or alternatively if the time is not right for you and so on so forth. You might want to take a look at If you go through register there’s a 3 hour video where I run through more detail about importing this and so forth. Plus, I also I give you some actual product examples, okay? And one big thing and this is one reason why I don’t sell on eBay and Amazon, these places would all like some clicks.

You need to bring them into your own system and you need to increase the transaction value. Now, not going too far and many many things. There’s two ways you can increase transaction value, one is repeat business. So that’s business to business okay? So you might have 20 customers all spending a thousand dollars per week with you okay? Now, 20 customers not per week per month, if 20 customers spending $1,000 a month with you each, right? Then each customer’s worth $12,000 that increases your transaction value to 12 thousand dollars.

Or alternatively you might have one thing that you sell and get referrals. For example, some want camp trailer or something you might sell for $20,000 and make $8,000 off it okay? And to give you an idea, if you go on Amazon or eBay and try to sell something for $100 and you’re making say $15 profit, in essence the bottom line is, by the time you pay everything and so on and so forth,before probably warranties and stuff, you need to sell nearly 7,000 items to make $100,000 a year profit.

That’s extremely difficult to do, honestly right? Very, very difficult to do. However, if you go somewhere else and like use a system like this and increase the price point massively high okay? You can actually sell, if it’s a $20,000, if it was about $7000 profit all you need to do is sell about fourteen of those so one and a bit per month to make 100 grand. A whole lot easier but you need this system, need to understand how it all works.

So once again, if you want help and like to literally be accelerated to this actual process, all these process, understand it all and literally pick up on my years and years and years of not really educating myself but spending millions of my own dollars on actual advertising.

Go ahead check out

Hope that helps and talk to you soon!

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