Importing Discovery Day Parramatta And Gold Coast

Matt Buchel is back in his home town, Parramatta for the Importing Discovery Day and will be in Gold Coast on the 8th.

Come along to see how you can run a real business selling real products with just a laptop phone and the internet it’s not amazon or eBay ... watch video for more details

Hi everyone! It’s Matt here, I’m down in Parramatta in my old hometown of Sydney, of course. Now, I remember this area, I moved from Sydney round about 12 years ago opposite the Gold Coast just to get out of the traffic and essentially a little bit of lifestyle, okay.

Now, if you’re watching this, you might well have registered tomorrow at the Park Royal which is just around the corner. I’m here, I’m having the Importing Discovery Day and we’re gonna start at 8:30am, sharp, okay? So if you’re a little bit late, it’s okay but try to be there on time. I started it early coz I know you’re gonna skip the Sydney traffic, and I gonna go through exactly how to plan, source and sell products from overseas, okay? Now, I’m not talking about Amazon, I’m not talking about Ebay, I’m talking about high ticket priced products and all repeat business, okay? So get actually repeat business from customers and essentially you can grow a million dollar business. Now, when I say million bucks, million dollars in sale, right? It’s not that difficult to do and essentially show you, take you through the whole process on exactly how to do it.

So, if you’re registered already, I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. If you haven’t registered, go ahead, it’ll be your last chance, it’s really now. Come on down to The Park Royal, in Parramatta, okay? On Church Street and you come up to level 1 and we’ve got a room there and basically we’re gonna take you through the whole process. Once again, aim to get here at 8, we’re gonna get through all those. Quite a lot I’m gonna push in. I’m actually gonna show you four different million dollar business models. So, I’ll break it all down so you understand what the product is, how to get it, how much it adds up to, and how it all works, so you can just see the mathematics right there in front of you. Anyway, look for the signage there. If you haven’t registered already, be sure to register at

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