Importing From China Matt Buchel Your Importing Cashflow

Watch the video for more insights from Matt Buchel on setting your foundations for your importing business as he travels around China

Hey everybody Matt here again! I wanted to show you the reality again of travelling around China. No beaches, no fast cars, no big houses, no fancy hotels. I’m actually deep in China about five hours out of Shanghai at the moment. You know you’ll see behind me this is a bit of Chinese nightlife going on over here people dancing okay. You’ll probably see I’m a little bit unshaven because I’ve been here for sort of the last day and a half maybe close to two days and actually I’ve been looking for a shaver and so on so forth and I’ve just managed to find one.

Watch out I don’t want to get run over here, the Chinese are quite courteous. This was the Chinese supermarket behind me, now if you didn’t know what you’re doing you’ll never know that it is a supermarket. Okay there’s only one sign of the T sun down there. There’s only, the only English sign that you can see in the whole place right.

So what was the purpose of this whole video. I just want to talk to you about the reality of it, it’s great adventure. If you like adventure it’s amazing right, but the reason why I’m out here I’m actually going through and sourcing things and essentially lining up new factories and working out prices and so on and so forth.

It’s all about a bit about foundation of running a business okay and stuff you have to do. Now it’s not the greatest thing in the world travelling around in China in the middle of the night like this. I’ll swim pass down here you’ll see way down there nothing but Chinese writing and it’s like a little Chinese market. It’s give or take about 8:30 p.m.

Why am I saying this is reality, because it is okay, and I don’t want people to think anything but it can be an adventure if you want it to be. You know you can spend two days looking for a razor okay and some of those that’s what happens but the best part is that the actual foundation that you go through and build by putting in the hard yards and doing what other people won’t do, okay, is you actually end up living your life in your own terms.

So that means it can actually go through literally live your life for a laptop, phone and the internet which is exactly how I do it importing my stuff and helping people import. Anyway if something like that interests you and you don’t mind travelling around lifting stuff, like with a laptop, phone and internet and you want to sort of get out and see some just really weird strange stuff at night okay then I highly recommend you come to one my importing discovery days.

Next one’s coming up in May the 3rd which is in Perth, then May the 9th which is on the Gold Coast. May the 23rd which is in Sydney in Parramatta and then also the one after that is coming up in June the 1st which is in Melbourne. Ok highly recommend you do that and I’ll show you exactly how to plan, source and sell products.

And one of the things that do it, I don’t there’s nothing sold at the training ok but what I actually do do is take you through how to show you and show you how to do everything if you want to have the opportunity to work together I’ll explain how to do that.

Anyway go ahead and register I’ll take you through explaining all about it. Anyway go ahead and do it,

I’m wandering around China and trying to figure out my way back to the hotel. It’ll be a little bit dodgy but hey I don’t mind putting in high yards. But when I can buy something for 20 cents on the dollar, so something is wholesale in Australia for example is a dollar or four thousand dollars, I can buy here for give or take 800 to 900 dollars right because I know the exact places to go. Most people have no idea how to do this stuff right.

I’ll take you through and show you how to do it plus help you set up your whole business of interest. Anyway, talk to you soon, go to

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