Importing Goals For 2019

Hey guys, Matt Buchel here. It's New Years Eve!

I’m here with my partner Krystal. We’re down the Sandbar, early in the afternoon and we’re gonna be heading out soon but just want to say Happy New Year’s.

If you’ve got plans and things you want to do, don’t be one of these people that makes a New Year’s resolution and doesn’t do anything with it.

Work with a proper plan and a way to actually go forward. I’m always here if you want help, you can find out about my stuff if you want it, that’s cool.

If not make sure you write down your importing goals and you follow through cause follow through gets the actual end result and you’ll be surprised what you can accomplish over twelve months if you remain consistent.

Anyway Happy New Year from the both of us

Talk to you soon

Matt Buchel
Your Importing Cashflow

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