Importing High Price Ticket Items

Matt Buchel talks about importing high price ticket items and how you can make $100,000 per year selling around 1 item per month

Hey everyone! Matt here.

I want to share with you very quickly why you want to actually sell high price items rather than low price items. Okay, so rather than selling things that sell for $100 you sell things, sell things that sell for $20,000 for example, right? So, just some very, very basic, simple mathematics right? If for example, if you had an online store which I don’t help people get online stores by the way, okay? Basically what would happen is, if you had a hundred dollar item and each time you sold that hundred dollar item you made $15, it’d take you 6,666 items to be able to make a hundred thousand dollars in actual profit, okay? Let’s assume that you don’t get refunds it’s very, very basic mathematics, okay? However, if you went the other way and rather than selling a hundred dollar item you sell a twenty thousand dollar item, say made seven thousand dollars on it. It’ll take around about 14 transactions give or take to make a hundred thousand dollars in profits. Let’s assume you’re making about seven thousand dollars profit off a $20,000 item okay?

So, I’ve been doing this for around about 20 years. This sort of formula because I’ve tried and tried and tried the all the online stores and so on and so forth and to be completely honest with you I figured that it just mathematically it just didn’t add up. I didn’t want to have that many customers and I’d sooner sell the higher price items because it allows you to deliver better customer service, and allows you to help people more. Anyway, if that’s of interest to you

You should register for my upcoming Importing Discovery Day, which is there’s one coming up and around about one week okay? Just short of a week in Sydney on the 31st of January at in Parramatta. And there’s also another one coming up on the 8th of February on the Gold Coast and some further in the future in Melbourne and Perth as well. So where we are should get on there and register and check it out.

Anyway, I hope that little tip helps ya. It’s simple mathematics, it really surprised me how many people don’t actually just get a calculator out, and work out how many items they have to sell to make an income goal. And so many people have $100,000 income goal, why not stack the odds in your favor and make life easier.

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