Importing Mixed Containers

Hey guys, Matt Buchel here. I thought I'd make a quick video to show you just a couple of importing products.

Now these are normal products I import and normally I don’t do a mixed container and I explain different reasons for that once you become a customer or whatever.

Anyway,  interesting enough all this stuff is already pre sold so in here this is some stuff, they cost me fifty five cents each, I sold them for two bucks each. Okay, so I made about dollar fifty two thousand or so give or take about three thousand dollars profit in one box. This here, okay, cost give will take about three grand I bought three of them, I needed one myself and sold the other two for ten grand a piece. It’s actually a joint digger bucket designed for a 30-ton digger. 

These here are fridges, okay, once again pre-sold bought it for about 400 bucks and then sold them for $1600 kept one for myself as well. 

Not normal stuff I do, okay, cause you want to be working within a product niche. But anyway, interesting and that normally I don’t ever see the containers I just do a laptop phone in set, but today I sort of come down and make a quick video to show you couple things. So, if you’re actually interested in something like that, you know how to contact me.

Love to help ya. Talk to you soon.

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