Invest In Yourself For Importing Success

Hi guys, Matt Buchel here. I'm looking a little bit worse for wear.

It’s Sunday morning, quite early. I’m actually up with a few people (you might have seen some of my videos up here) before on my 300 acre block.

Many people wonder what I do, outside of importing and stuff like that, right?

One of the things I like doing is actually getting out and getting about, checking out a few things. I’m right up the ridges really hard to see on the camera but basically straight out there you can see the sand dunes in front of Fraser Island,l you can see like bits and pieces of Fraser Island, like driving time about 40 minutes. 

So, sometimes it’s nice to escape and get somewhere where there’s less contact. I’ve actually got to drive up to the top of the ridge to get phone reception in a couple of spots. 

Anyway, sometimes people go, Matt, how’d you get to this location? How’d you end up like this? 

I said, well at the end of the day, 

  • I started,
  • I invested in myself,
  • and just followed, followed, followed.

It was really one of the tip to get going forward. 

If you look at successful people, Richard Branson, anyone that is successful right? They've always invested in themselves,  broken through the fear barrier, and just continued and continued and continued even when things go wrong 

They’ve sorted it, make sure they did the right thing about the customer, and just kept going forward. Anyway, I guess that’s a handy hint, handy little tip

I’ll show you down here, I just ridden up here in a quad, this place is 1.2 kms one 1.2 kms squared, it’s literally a square and down over there, there’s another. You can’t really get down there much, there’s another half of it but this is a part I like and even though it’s early on a Sunday morning about 6:30, 6:40 something like that, it’s still a good view.

Anyway, I hope you have a good Sunday. I’ll talk to you soon.

Matt Buchel, Your Importing Success

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