Matt Buchel Importing Discovery Day

Watch the video to find out more about setting your foundations for your importing business and Matt Buchel's Importing Discovery Day

Hey there everybody, coming to you live again from China. Now I’m up in the  Northern part of China and I just wanted to be very very real about things, it is a lot of hard work getting into business and going through and doing stuff.

Now really really important is it’s not all sunshine and lollipops and so on so forth. So for example I’m at a train station about to catch a bullet train and you’ll probably see that besides my daughter, which is essentially sitting down here, besides my daughter she’s been really good she’s almost 15 and she’s really really good. She’s come along with me and so far the events has been plane ride, second plane ride, car ride, second car ride, now we’re going on trains, there’s nothing fun that has happened yet right.

Anyhow where I went today was actually looking at some pizza ovens of all things right and essentially I gave them the design. They’re going to come back to me shortly with prices and so and so forth. I know it’s about two thousand three thousand dollars cheaper than Australia and normally they’re made in Italy but they are also made in China.

People what I realize okay this would give you a little bit of rundown literally there’s nothing at all you’ll see out here, nothing literally walk out of here you’ll be flat out seeing any signs of English or anything like that, so and it’s definitely not a comfortable railway station by any means like you can see there’s hardly any seats there.

Maybe one would think it’s bad there but look that’s because the trains about to go. So what’s all this mean I just wanted to show you the reality but the thing is all right once you actually go through and go through this reality and set up the foundation and stuff that really gives you the opportunity to do so, many things in your life that you just don’t even realize it’s possible because you do the sort of hard yards and honestly this is not the hard yards.

I’d certainly do this and go and sit in some dodgy train station waiting for a train for a four-hour train ride to go to the next factory to check out the next thing rather than work for 20 years in one job that I didn’t really like.

Anyway perhaps I’m  telling you all of this and showing this is just so you can see the reality behind it. One of the things I do when I dream of discovery days is make sure they’re 0 BS. If one of the first things I say is there’s nothing going to be sold here I’m just going to take you through and show you how the importing business works. If you really want to change your life I’ll help you do that but if you’re gonna ask we’re gonna have a conversation so I say yeah it’s something like that. If interested you should check out that I come along and I’ll run you through and show you exactly how to do it how it all works.

And yeah I’ll be back from China then. They’re all coming up in May and there’s one on in Melbourne on the 1st of June, so May the 3rd in Perth, May the 9th in the Gold Coast and May the 23rd in Sydney and June the 1st in Melbourne.

Anyway looking forward to seeing you there, I hope you’re having a great Good Friday, this is my Good Friday in a Chinese railway station have a great day!

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