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Great insights from Matt Buchel about running your own importing business

Hi there everybody! Matt here now, this morning, being Sunday morning, Easter morning, hope you’re having a good Easter. I ended up in Shanghai which is fine I’m here with my daughter and she’s currently sleeping cuz it’s about quarter to seven here. Anyway I thought I would just take a quick video just sort of show you a little bit around the Shanghai area, a lot of fog this morning, you can see the tower sort of disappears into the fog.

This is actually the financial area you see, can’t see the top of them but they’re some of the tallest buildings in China to see. I know what happens when you’re running your own importing business, sort of life blends into work, so instead of starting 9:00 to 5:00 and so on and so forth, much much better because what you can do is to sort of start one of your life and finish wherever you like.

Today one of the things I’m actually doing is actually going out to another factory. Now this particular factory prints product as in banners and signage and all that sort of stuff right, now the reason why they I’m going out there is because of the quarter of the price in Australia. Now it is Sunday they don’t celebrate Easter as much in in China so I’m able to go out there and they sort of accommodate me because I organized it in advance. When you actually come to Shanghai there’s a couple of different places you can stay. People’s Square which is on the other side of the Bund River or in this particular case I’m actually staying in the financial edition it’s not too bad it’s a big ring road you’ll see sort of behind me this whole labor field. Normally this is packed. You wait a few
hours a lot of Chinese people they wake up later they get up at ten o’clock and so on so forth right so normally this would be really really full.

Actually, there’s actually a big run down there some guys doing a marathon. Anyway, it makes things interesting when you sort of change from place to place. I’ve been here for a couple of days, tonight will be my second night in a the same hotel. I’ve gone from one hotel to the next hotel and the next hotel.

It’s all part of the stuff you do to build the foundation of an importing business and once you actually build the foundation of the actual importing business then the foundations built and to get some momentum it’s like a plane taking off there’s a whole heap of stuff that you’ve got to go through and actually do first and once you actually do that, thanks Paul happy Easter to you too mate, once you go through and actually do that and build the foundation then everything happens in momentum.

So yesterday for example, well the day before, I checked out an actual pizza oven factory right, thinking pizza ovens like they’re basically going to create a pizza oven that’s made in Italy, pizza ovens in Australia sells retail in pieces right, for three and a half thousand dollars, I can get it made for less than a thousand dollars over here, so a little bit of work a little bit of foundation I’ll take 45 days to go through and sort of get the first prototype, but once you’ve got the first prototype update the only one with that actual model so that means that essentially I can sell that to whoever I like on a wholesale level facilitate much a show through my discovery day or for when I sell retail, so and pizza ovens, there’s plenty of people that buy pizza ovens, wood fire pizza ovens is what I’m talking about. Anyway if all these stuff is of interest to you, you really should check out and come to one of my discovery days.

They’re coming up May the 3rd in Perth, then in Gold Coast May the 9th, May 23rd in Parramatta and then on June the 1st which is a Saturday in Melbourne. Now you gotta understand, I ain’t gonna sell you a whole heap of stuff at one of these discovery days. I’ll walk you through and show you exactly how everything works  right, see very very clear in it and if you want help to get into your own importing business build the foundation build out a whole system will have a conversation after, nothing sold on the day pure, wholly and solid information.

Check this yeah, hope you can see it the giant run on over there you probably just see it, there’s a massive, I don’t know, I guess it’s a Chinese marathon maybe, maybe they’re running for a cause who knows.

Anyway I hope you have a good day, hope you have a good Easter, hope you find yourself some eggs or whatever I’m looking for some golden eggs today. Anyway havea good day! if you want to yeah now Paul not come to bruising mate come down the Gold Coast in my training centre, it’s not far it’s like 45 minutes there’s really not that far.

So anyway looking forward to seeing you if you come to Discovery Day if not maybe  I’ll meet you in the future. Okay I’m off to do a few more things have a nice day, talk to you soon!

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