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Find out how to plan, source, import and sell products at the Importing Discovery Day by Matt Buchel

Hey guys! Matt here, coming to you from beautiful Broadbeach and I’ve been out this morning, I just got me bike in the background sort of half way going through a bike ride before coming down to Sydney tomorrow to do the Discovery Day on Thursday, and I come across a lot of people going “I wish it was still a long weekend”. “I wish it was still holidays”. Stuff like that and every time someone says that to me, I think everyone’s got a choice. You can do something, okay? Set a plan, go out and build out a business. Unfortunate thing is, not so many people understand how to do that, right? And essentially it’s the same process no matter what the business is. You plan it out, source whatever you’re gonna sell and then sell it. Okay? It’s really as simple as that. If you want to know more about something like that, make sure you come to the Discovery Day which is coming up in Paramatta on the 31st at the Park Royal. You got to register, if you go to, register and come along and I’ll show you, if you want to you can have a long weekend every weekend.

Back when I was in my thirties, when I had my very first multi-million dollar business, give or take 15 years ago, a little bit longer. A guy that previously had a thousand people working for me said to me, coz I was saying to him: “Oh yeah, I just want to work and then retire at 35 or whatever, okay?” He said: no, no, man. That’s the wrong plan. You wanna blend your business into your lifestyle. Once you blend the business into your lifestyle that’s when you truly be living coz you’re really living a holiday as you go. And I talk about a lot of this stuff, take and plan everything in and really live life on laptop, phone, internet. When I actually do the training on the Discovery Day, which is once again the 31st of January and then also you got option to come to the Goldcoast on the 8th of February.

So, anyway I’m gonna get going, I’m gonna get going on my bike and go for a bit of ride coz like I said, life blends in with business, if you wanna have a, figure out how to plan, source and sell products from overseas and high price stuff. So, essentially you can do make a hundred grand and you can sell as little as 14 products well the system is right behind you. I’ll take you through it but make sure you go to the Importing Discover Day, I look forward to seeing you there on either Thursday or on the 8th of February on the Goldcoast. Talk to you soon!

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