Plan, Source, Sell Products With Importing

Hey there guys Matt Buchel here and you're probably wondering why I am standing at a shell service station and what does it have to do with importing.

I want to tell you a little bit of a story. Many years ago I was sort of in a business and I was locked in there and I had to do things non-stop and I really couldn’t leave and go anywhere.

Now, after learning the hard way I figured out how to live life with just a laptop, phone and Internet.

Now what that really means is you don’t put yourself in the middle of things and that equals freedom.

Now I’m gonna spin around show you. This here for those you don’t know, this is a Denning which used to actually be a Greyhound bus. Now when I have my kids, if you heard about a little bit about my story I’ve been divorced a couple of times. I’ve got my kids with me this weekend so I built this thing as a matter of freedom.

Now my whole business can come with me. Obviously, I’ve got people in the background that keep things ticking things over for customers as well.

I’m not suggesting that you have to do that it, depends on how much income you want to actually earn. But I’m just gonna give you a little bit of quick rundown as I’ve literally stopped on the way to my 300 acre property and still run my business right of my laptop. I can pick it up and go anywhere I like.

However, the only reason I can run my life with a laptop, phone and the internet is purely because I made a decision in the past to push through barriers.

Fear, wondering if it was going to work etc I learnt a lot of things the hard way and then got going with importing business right. Now anyone can do the same thing, you can take it as big or small if you want but it takes a couple of things.
  • First: You have to break through the fear barrier
  • Second: You actually have to do something
  • Third: You have to remain consistent and
  • Fourth: You need a system around it and you need a shortcut

I’ve invested huge amounts of money over the years figuring out how to do different things and how to take shortcuts and how to get things done faster because there’s one thing that you can ever replace and that’s time

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