Realities Of Running An Import Business

Matt Buchel shares insights on the realities of running an importing business

Hey there everyone! Before I make this video, I want to make a big disclaimer okay? When you run your own importing business, it’s not sunshine, all sunshine, lollipops and everything’s perfect okay? So for not one minute I don’t want you to think that.

The reason why I don’t want you think that because, that’s not reality okay? And you’ll see, if you come to one of my Discovery Days, for example talk to me face-to-face or talk to me on the phone, you’ll understand I’m always about reality and I’m always very upfront.

Anyway, I finished doing the this sort of training and stuff that I’ve done down in at the Star across the weekend. You might have seen some of my previous videos and actually I’m gonna be doing a Discovery Day at the end of the week, but I want to quickly show you, I sort of stopped at Meriton World Tower or World Square, what they call it. I had to stay for a couple of nights before I head off to Parramatta for the Discovery Day.

Now, interestingly enough, this is really, really interesting part, many, many years ago anyone from Sydney will remember that the World Tower used to be actually a big hole in the ground. Literally a hole in the ground, okay And I remember working here just before the year 2000, back when I was in construction and back before I had my own business, and back before I moved to Queensland, and now this tower is actually out of the ground.

Now, at the moment okay, I’m actually on level 72, you’ll see the view back sort of Parramatta, and all that sort of stuff over there, but more importantly what I wanted to show you is this, right, this is my setup. So, I’ve lived here about half an hour ago and this is my set up and this is what I travel with everywhere when I’m running my importing business, plus helping customers in getting to importing as well. Literally, laptop okay? Haven’t even turned it on yet okay? But I’ll just set it up for tomorrow have a few calls to make. Printer, I know there’s a laptop printer in the internet but honestly take a printer with you it’s a lot easier okay, I have Midori so I’m writing down whatever I need to do.

And then these are all inquiries and stuff like that that have actually come through. So this is a whole bunch of inquiries and there’s a whole bunch of inquiries from other stuff as well right. Now I read about that as well there’s a little bit of work that’s come with me and this is actually some documents I have to sign and post tomorrow so I’m gonna be doing a little trip probably across the ultimate some stage tomorrow. Bit of water down from Cole’s downstairs all right.

Anyway so what does all this mean, what’s the sort of story behind, the story is that at the end of the day I would sooner choose this life than be stuck somewhere for the rest of my life nine to five right.

Now if I go back over here and won’t even turn those lights over there so don’t get the reflection if I go back over there once I once I turn these lights off I can even figure out with lights which is literally being here for a tiny amount of time right. Well that’s not helping literally been here for a very very short amount of time but I want to point something out right because originally I’m from Sydney and it’s getting dark, will get the light in a minute right. So I’m from Sydney, so over there is Parramatta, Homebush, Castle Hill that sort of stuff right where I actually grew up I’m gonna turn these lights back on cause basically can’t see me otherwise okay.

Now I stayed here until I was in my early 30s and when I was in my early 30s I made a decision because I wanted my life to change and be better so I made the decision to actually move up to Queensland up to the Gold Coast right which is way better than actually living down in Sydney.

Anyway, my view anyway okay, everyone took their different opinions on that it’s all about lifestyle choices. So what is the moral of all these long-winded story I’m telling you okay, this truly you can live your life with a laptop or phone, isn’t it, but honestly it doesn’t come overnight if you say bullshit like I don’t wanna call it total and complete BS where people are like driving around in Lamborghinis okay or some flashy house and then try to pretend it happened overnight that’s complete garbage right anyone can see through that.

To get a real proper business it takes time, energy and effort okay you perhaps to put consistent time, energy and effort in anyone can do it if they follow a formula. You can do it too if you actually try. Anyway I honestly don’t know what more, I certainly wouldn’t be standing at the top of the world tower looking at that literally, when the planes coming on this level they lit rally come in exactly the same level right.

Anyway if there’s something that interests you, you sort of want to work out how you can literally live your life like this right, and sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad. I should point it out right this bag, that bag there that carries all these stuff around in here. The laptop this is the same laptop I carry with me everywhere it synchronizes with my desktop. Notepad, notepad buddy, diary and in printer okay because I’ve got to stick it right and so when the inquiries come through literally just print them out and this is gonna be the set up for tomorrow.

Now will I work all day? No I won’t work all day. You’ll see some videos of me I’m going to head down, I’m gonna head down to in the morning, down to sort of Circular Quay, walk down George Street and stuff like that which is obviously for anyone that knows Sydney is basically straight below me and literally head down there maybe wander around Opera House maybe even cross the Harbour Bridge come back, do a little bit of work, then we’re off to do some other stuff, all at the same time doing sort of two things. One looking after my customers looking after the new stuff that comes in and then also running the importing business okay.

Now once again I’ll show you if you’re interested exactly how to do that it’s coming up this Thursday actually, Importing Discovery Day. If you’re not in Sydney you may want to consider registering from Melbourne on June the first or you may want to consider registering for the Gold Coast on July the 12th I can’t guarantee how long I’ll be running these for cause like honestly in y heart I’m actually trying to help people, but you’ve got to be, you’ve got to want to be helped, I ain’t gonna drag you uphill.

So anyway, I hope your’e having a great night I thought I’d just make this random video show you what was going on and yeah I’ll talk to you soon!

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