Run A Successful Importing Business By Understanding Fear

Matt Buchel on how to import successfully by understanding fear

Hey there, guys. Matt here, it's a beautiful overcast Saturday afternoon here on the Gold Coast.

I sort of just walked out the back you see those little seagulls there and they always sitting on me jetty right there shitting all over it. So, I thought I’d had enough of that today and I wanted to come out and sort of scare him away for a minute. So, I want to talk to you about another story about people being scared.

I remember a few weeks ago, probably a month and a half ago, I did Discovery Day and there’s a guy sitting in the front row of the actual Discovery Day and he said to me, Matt I don’t believe I deserve the right to make money because I haven’t worked hard enough. I haven’t gone to university and I haven’t literally gone through a whole heap of learning process and so on so forth. As in university mainly and he said to me Matt I’ve got I’ve got, um Chinese accounting student, accounting students that are staying at my house and I believe they deserve to make more money than me because they took the time to get a degree and so on so forth. And I said honestly, that’s complete BS, okay? You don’t need an accounting degree, okay? If anything that could possibly be a disadvantage for you. Secondly, you don’t need to go to university, that could also be a bit of a disadvantage for you and thirdly, what really has to happen is you have to change your belief system.

Anyway, interestingly enough this guy applied for one of my systems and I actually said to him, I’m just gonna walk away from here, okay. I actually said to him I don’t think it’s a good idea that you come on board because you have to change your belief system because if can’t, if you believe you’re not worthy of something then you’re never ever gonna get it right. See, first thing you have to do is change the actual belief system and believe it’s possible and believe you’re worthy of it and believe you can do whatever you want, okay? You know, how do you do that, okay? First, you have to start by associating with the right people, okay? If you start associating with the right people, they’ll pull you up instead of push you down.

Sometimes, you’ll find that around you there’s people that will pull you down, okay and when people do pull you down it’s really, really bad situation because it’s literally taking away from your dreams goals and aspirations. It’s very, very easy from for someone to come sideways and be really, really negative towards you, okay? Second, start educating yourself, go to learn things from people and learn from people have been there and done that. You have to you have to buy your way in, okay? You have to buy your way and invest in shortcuts to get places these days. It’s not a matter of, it’s not a matter I’m just what I’m walking past the pool and you’ll see the bloody pool in the background, that’s why I’m walking coz I don’t want to fall in. You have to you have to invest in shortcuts and so on so forth and learn from those before you know if you.

Now, if you don’t do that then obviously, you’re not going to get anywhere, okay? And you’re gonna end up like this other guy where he believes that the Chinese students or Japanese students or whatever they were, that they deserve to earn a higher income than him. Wholly, solely and purely on the fact that they spend time to go into university. Which is complete crap, okay? You don’t need anything but, you do need to understand how to if you really want to make serious money, how to plan out of business, okay? Source product and sell those products. Doesn’t matter what type of business it is, that’s what you need to know.

Now, that is exactly what I show you at our Importing Discovery Day, there’s a handful of them coming up. If you click the link below you can come and register. It’s totally free of charge, totally complimentary, nothing is sold. On the day I take you through and show you definitely how to run a business and how you make serious income if your belief system lets you make that income as you you’re just got to believe it’s doable and believe you can do it, which is not difficult just I’ll show you all the steps and everything as we go through and then get in there and do it.

Anyway, if you’re interested check it out, if not have a good day.

It’s the calm before the storm. Can’t see much there, I think it’s gonna I think it’s gonna rain soon. Anyway, talk to you soon.

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