Say Yes To Opportunity

Hey everybody, Matt here. It's early on a Tuesday morning and that's why I'm talking a little bit slower. I haven't had coffee yet, but you're probably wondering why I'm making this video? What am I doing here today?

Well, I actually went up to him a 300 acre block that I’ve spoken about in another video and I talked about discovery day and the customers I talk about, you know, as a part of stories and stuff like that, right? And on the way back, I stopped at Maroochydore and the most interesting thing is you and probably had this thing that this actually happened to you before is if you go and stay somewhere, I’ll quickly just show where I’m staying. It’s nothing fancy.I think there’s a shop over there. I’ve never been here before, it’s peak season. So, it’s hard to get somewhere. Okay. And you see me laptop in there. Albert was working last night when I got here laptop phone internet. Remember, run your business on laptop phone Internet.

Anyway, what’s the purpose of the story? The purpose of the story is this: Okay, first let’s get the sun out of your eyes. You’ll find that when you’re forced to do something, Okay, you take advantage of the opportunity. Okay. So, if you jump on board and make a decision because I could’ve easily driven home, right? So instead of driving home I came here. Yeah, by coming here, what’s actually happened has forced me to do something. So, I force myself to go out and have a look around the town and this morning knowing that I’m going in a couple hours and I’m heading back to the Goldcoast where I live, I put some push points in the castle. Well, it’s gonna force me to get out there and and get going. So, what really am I talking about I’m talking about opportunity.

Okay, so sometimes opportunity is presented to you. Okay, and in this case opportunities, have a look around the town. Opportunity was also to go for a bike ride in places I’ve never been this morning for some exercise. Okay, now opportunities are always presented to every single day and so damn easy to say no, okay. It’s just easy. I could’ve just driven past and went home. Honestly, the thought crossed my mind. The default position is always the easiest position to say no, okay? But, to truly get ahead and truly experience life, you have to say yes to opportunities. So you must say, yes, when opportunities presented to you within reason, of course, you must say, yes. And I know this happens a lot of people they sort of overlook things.The opportunities there, but I just don’t take it. They see it. They don’t take it. It’s easier for them to drive home. It’s easy for them to do nothing.

Anyway, I thought you’d liked that and, I’m going out for a bike ride. Enjoy your day and I hope things are good. If you ever need any help getting in the importing business, be sure to make contact with us. Talk you soon.

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