Thinking Of Importing From China?

Matt Buchel on importing from China?

Hey, there everyone! Matt here, I wanted to tell you about an amazing opportunity that's sitting right in front of you now, okay?

Here’s the thing Donald Trump if you haven’t noticed has increased tariffs to China. China prices are now reducing, China owes a lot of money back to itself from building ghost cities and so on so forth. And with America out of the equation and more stuff being built in being manufactured in America, the prices are coming down in China. This opens up a massive, massive, massive opportunity for anyone that’s willing to have a go and actually import from China.

Now, over above that as well the freight costs in China are the lowest ever, okay? It used to be about $1200 to get a 40-foot high cube container from major ports to major ports in Australia. Now, it’s under half that, okay? What that means is it’s a massive, massive opportunity for people that jump onto it, okay?

Now, if you’re interested to know more about this I highly recommend you go to, okay? Get there, go there, check it out, okay? And then you’re more than welcome to come along to Importing Discovery Day and I’ll take you through and show you how it all works.

Now here’s the thing, nothing is sold on the date not a single thing, the reason for that because I know there’s plenty of people out there promising the world and delivering literally nothing, okay? I take you through and show exactly how it works then if afterwards you want to have a conversation by all means, you and me can have a conversation together. It’s only a small group and you’ll see this is an example on how it’s all set up this is actually my training center on the Gold Coast, okay?

I’m actually doing a customer training now, I only take a handful of customers on. I’m wholly and solely and purely because I’m in importing multi-million dollars at costs of stuff myself these days from China and other countries. Anyway, if you’re interested make sure you check out

Honestly, this is my last round of Discovery Days there’s one coming up the end of the month in Melbourne, there’s one coming in Sydney as well on July the 4th and July the 12th, right here in our actual not Discovery Center our training center.

Anyway, a massive opportunity sitting right there. There is nothing better than a reliable predictable way to get customers a reliable predictable way to turn the actual customers into sales and a reliable predictable way to deliver the product. By importing you get the reliable predictable way of importing the of delivering the products.

Make sure you register See you there!

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