What Product Should You Choose When Importing?

Matt Buchel talking about what product you should look at when importing products?

Hi guys! It’s Matt here. It’s a beautiful Monday here on the Goldcoast. Now, I want to take a minute and just go through a very simple question but with a really complex answer. And it is: Which product should I choose when I’m importing? Okay? So, it’s never just a product. It’s a product niche. So, to let you have a little bit of idea of what a product niche is, for example, okay. You’re going to Bunnings and Bunnings is hardware, so actually, that technically, that is actually a product niche. Then you take it a step further and go into the actual plumbing aisle. And that plumbing will be another niche within hardware. And then you can take it to the next level, and within plumbing, there’ll be pipes, there’ll be taps, there’ll be showers, there’ll be glassware and all sort of stuff. Alright? There’ll all different product niches.

Now, there’s a saying, that you have the product niche an inch wide and a mile deep. So, it gets really, really specific. So it makes you actually be a specialist in what you are doing. Think about it, when you go to Bunnings, you can buy anything, right? You go to a plumbing store, you just get the plumbing stuff. Anyway, I hope that helps you clarify. It’s really easy thing for us to go through. I’ve actually gone through a lot of it in my upcoming importing discovery day. If you haven’t registered already, you really should. It’s coming up a little bit over a week and a half in Sydney on the 31st. And then on, in the Goldcoast, then Melbourne, and Perth after that. Go ahead and register at importingdiscoveryday.com.au.

I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the sun. I hope it’s nice and sunny where you are and have a great day.

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